Addendum #1

  • A potential provider requested the documents referred to in section 1.0 of the RFQ under Background. It reads “Given  the  geographical  location  of  TRINITY  in  Panama  City,  Florida,  TRINITY’s  mission  was, and  could  be  again,  adversely  impacted  due  to  a  variety  of  natural  or  man-made  events.    TRINITY has  identified  the  need  for  support  in  the  area  of  these  services  as  part  of  the  TRINITY  overall Disaster  Response  Plan,  Master  Facilities  Plan,  TRINITY  Strategic  Plan,  and  2019-2023  Rebuilding Plans,  changes,  and  additions  as  a  result  of  Hurricane  Michael  of  October  10,  2018.    Please  see  for additional  TRINITY  background information.”
  • To clarify, the Trinity Overall Disaster Response Plan, Master Facilities Plan, Trinity Strategic Plan, and 2019-2023 Rebuilding Plans do not yet exist. It will be part of the responsibility of the Consultant to assist in the development of these documents if needed.
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